About Kirsty Bonning

Kirsty BonningThe smell of turpentine and oil paint has been a constant presence in my life. Growing up with my father Robin being a painter of historical marine subjects taught me how a subject can be portrayed, recreated and made into a beautiful piece of art work. My brother Rupert and I were immersed into this creative life!

I studied Textile design at the University of Leeds and graduated in 1995. My heart has always led me to want to create one off pieces of art so rather than taking up a career in the commercial textile world I felt the call to do my own thing. My initial aim was to work in textile based medium but I found that painting took over and this has been so ever since.

I have the privilege of living and working in a really beautiful part of Mid Devon. It is my passion and a constant source of inspiration for landscape work. At the Studios in Black Dog there are three of us working alongside each other, my brother Rupert and father Robin. We each work on our own things but enjoy the help and advice each of the others can bring!

I am a mother and part time farmer with my husband Daniel as well as being an artist. A lot of my work is individual commissioned pieces. I enjoy working with a customer to bring their ideas to life. I work in oil, watercolour and graphite pencil. Each of these mediums offers its own unique qualities and challenges. I adore the richness and texture of oil paint. I equally love watercolour for its light, I love to create depth by painting many layers this medium provides many unique and interesting affects. Graphite pencil is a lovely medium and I especially like to use for animal portraits.

Part of creating a unique piece of work is to be able to frame the work myself in a hand made and hand painted frame. This enables the creative process to be carried though from conception to its completion.

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