Advice on taking a photo for an animal portrait

The better the photograph the better the painting will be!

  1. Select a good pose - When holding the camera get down to the same level as the animal.
  2. Light - The quality of the photo will be best if you take it outside, preferably in not too bright a sunlight as this tends to cause too much contrast, which loses detail. If the weather is bad try and take a photo with one light source, near a window is best. Please do not use a flash.
  3. Helpers - When photographing dogs it is useful to have a helper with you who will attract their attention with treats, or a ball etc so that the dog looks interested and keen! It is good if the helper stands just behind the camera so that the dog looks towards the lens!
  4. Sharp - The photo must be sharp.
  5. Fill the lens - Try to get the animal fairly large in the photo.
  6. Several Photos - Do not worry if you do not get one perfect photo! When I am photographing an animal I normally take numerous shots. I may use several different photos to achieve the perfect painting. If a background is required then you may wish to supply this separately to the photos of the animal.
  7. Digital Images - Should be of high resolution. If sending them on a disk they need to be jpegs of 300dpi or more.

Photos can be emailed or posted to me and I will let you know if they are suitable. If posting photos I will return them to you at the end.

Gift certificates: If you are short on time (Commissions normally take 4 - 6 weeks) then you may purchase a certificate.
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