This will help the collector make an informed decision about any print purchase they may be making.
  1. What is a limited edition lithograph print?
    A traditional lithograph print is made from an original painting. Lightfast inks are used which conform to the British Wool scale (not less than BW6). The lithograph is printed onto Fine Art Paper, which is (pH Neutral). Our lithographs are only printed on paper above 300gsm in weight. After a declared number of prints are produced, the printing plates are destroyed. This ensures that no further prints can be made. The lithographs have been produced to the highest quality ensuring a faithful reproduction of the original. The artist works closely with the printer.

    Every effort has been made to source the finest quality materials to mount and frame the Lithographs. Each Lithograph is personally checked for quality, then signed and numbered by the artist in pencil.

  2. What is a limited edition Giclée print?
    Giclée (Pronounced Jee Clay) is the term for the latest digital printing technology, producing superb colour and lightfast properties. Giclée prints are either printed on canvas or paper being taken from an oil painting and produced on canvas, this method produces the most lifelike reproduction of a oil painting.

    Black Dog Studios guarantee that the stated print run is strictly adhered to. We have heard of unscrupulous publishers in the UK and abroad producing so called limited editions and then reproducing them again in a different size. We absolutely guarantee that our limited editions are one edition of the declared number and will never be repeated.

    Each Giclée is personally checked for quality, then signed and numbered by the artist. Giclée on canvas are signed on the reverse, Giclées on paper are signed on the front, below the image.

  3. What is a Special Edition Print?
    Black Dog Studios Special Editions are produced to the same standards as out Limited edition lithographs. The only difference is that they are not limited in number and may be reproduced again. They have the added value of being personally checked and signed in pencil by the artist.

  4. What is a Remarques?
    A small sketch in pencil usually on the right hand side of a lithograph or Giclée on paper giving the collector an opportunity to have an original sketch by the artist.

  5. What is an artist's proof?
    A print that has been produced during the colour correction process by the printers. The artist takes these for approval, before the print run is commenced. These are sometimes available for sale, they are initialled 'AP' by the artist, and are not numbered. They will command a higher price than the main print run.

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